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KOLB Laguna Series, your smart Energy and Cost Saver
Post date: 2020-09-01

KOLB Deck Oven Laguna Series,

your smart Energy and Cost Saver!



Beyond increasing sales volume, 

energy saving and cost control are the top priorities 

in bakery operations.

 KOLB Deck Oven LAGUNA Series,  

is stable and long durable, easy to operate, 

can effectively reduce device replacement and labor cost.


 Thanks to the LAGUNA's excellent insulation design 

the oven retains the heat in the baking chamber, 

so that each baking cycle can quickly reach the required temperature, 

reduce preheating time,reduce energy consumption, 

and further save your store operating costs.


If you want to know more about the KOLB LAGUNA Series, 

just contact your nearest KOLB representative to get more information.