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Why to choose KOLB


We are a strong team of Chinese, Swiss and German engineers and managers, giving us a combination of accurate German/Swiss design and Chines Speed and Flexibility. Our factory in Huizhou is equipped with best European machinery (for example Trumpf and Salvagnini), certified by ISO 9001 and organized according modern international standards. We are confident to compare our quality with any European brand on a much friendlier price level.

When we develop a new product our R&D philosophy is:

  • Best baking results
  • Reliability
  • User-friendliness

Best skilled and motivated people in our production with modern systems and machinery guarantee customers get the promised result. Our high quality equipment is state of the art.


Every machine needs service. We don’t leave our customers alone after the purchase. Our own service organization and service partners guarantee you to get fast support when you need it, as well as a long lifetime of the products.


Competent sales people consult you regarding the right choice of equipment. It is most important for us that you get the right equipment which fits to your business best. Consultation and support continue also after you bought from us.


Our products are developed and produced to serve our customers. We provide high quality products for fair prices. The whole company is focused on this goal and our quality control is more extensive than most of our competitors’. For example, every deck oven get’s a temperature calibration to make sure to have an even and exact temperature in the oven, which is important for good baking results. The components of our products are chosen with the focus on reliability and a long lifetime.

  • Deck Oven Laguna
    All our deck ovens are available in several different sizes and enable our customers to achieve perfect baking results for European bread. We offer the classical manual control panel and a touch panel, which allows full connectivity with your IT. Besides the classic version, our Laguna 2 includes a special steam system to also allow perfect results when baking Asian soft bread.
  • Convection Oven Atoll 600, 800, 8008
    The convection oven series includes 3 sizes to fit various baking needs. The good baking results are a core focus for our convection ovens, so we work closely together with our colleagues from Wiesheu to optimize the results. For easier handling we offer loading systems for the big ovens. Like our deck ovens, the convection ovens are available with digital or touch control panels.
  • Rotary Oven Tornado
    We have two sizes of Rotary ovens. The airflow in the ovens are very even to achieve our very good baking results.
  • Atollspeed
    Besides our baking ovens we have a speed oven series. These ovens heat up all kinds of food in a short time. Compared with a classic microwave oven, the food keeps a much crispier and delicious texture. Atollspeed offers the possibility of an attractive range of food with limited investments, we call it the easy kitchen. It enables you to add additional business.
  • Proofer
    Additional to the ovens, Kolb develops and manufactures a wide range of proofers, retarder proofers and cooling systems. Ergonomics and consistency of the processes are most important for us.
  • Kneading machines, Mixers
    High reliability, low maintenance cost and long lifetime are our key advantages.