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Convection Oven Atoll 600/600T
Only needs 230V/15A, it is a perfect 'show' unit for creating an open-kitchen atmosphere in a limited space, while still offering consistent baking result. It is ideal for small bakeries, coffee shops, hotel lobby bars and snack shops.
Product Advantage
Features a removable water tank, which allows you to operate the oven anywhere you want with a steam option.
Double glass design, easy for observation and cleaning
Electromagnetic door lock - the door opens automatically when the baking program finishes
USB port option for easy program storage and transfer, for chain operations
Control system for your choice: programmable PCB or 7" capacitive Touchscreen PCB
Technical Data
Optional configuration
Optional Supplementary accessories
Product Model K03-64X3D00RK/K03-64X3E00RK
Outside Dimensions
Max. Capacity 3 levels 3 pcs  440x350mm
Color for Choosing Sliver,Black
Heating power 3.3kW
Current 220-230V,50/60Hz,PE/15A
standard accessories 3 Baking Trays (440x350mm)