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Deck Oven Laguna
from Kolb is one of the most recognized item from Kolb ranges. With its outstanding energy efficiency, classic design, powerful steam system, and user friendly operation system, Laguna has become the preferred baking oven for customers looking for quality, such as luxury hotels, bakery chains, restaurants and food factories. In 2015, Laguna is upgraded to provide even more friendly user experience.
Product Advantage
Different components to make your own configuration
The pre-heat timer for Deck Oven,outstanding insulation,combination design,we aim at optimizing your work efficiency
Independent Steam Heating System for baking all kinds of European breads
Offered different deck height,baking chamber sizes,and other options for your choice
The Turning-Glass is officially launched in 2018,ergonomic design makes cleaning easier
Technical Data
Optional configuration
Optional Supplementary accessories
  Size Power Supply without steam per deck Power Supply with steam per deck
Optional Inside Dimensions
600 x 400 2.8kW / 4.4A 3.8kW / 6.3A
600 x 800 4.2kW / 6.7A 6.2kW / 9.6A
800 x 600 4.0kW / 6.9A 6.0kW / 9.1A
1200 x 600 5.4kW / 8.6A 8.4kW / 13.6A
1200 x 800 6.3kW / 10.2A 9.3kW / 14.6A
1200 x 1200 8.5kW / 13.5A 11.5kW / 19.7A
Optional Height of Baking Chamber
Inside / Outside  (mm)
170 / 325
220 / 365
Color for Choosing Sliver,Black
Voltage 380-400V / 3qh / PE / 50-60Hz
Standard accessories Tray Hook for Deck Oven