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Spiral Mixer
KOLB Spiral Mixer is designed especially for heavy doughs for mass production in large hotels, bakeries and food factories. The Spiral Mixer employs different mixing methods including kneading, twisting and pinching, to enable the baker to prepare the ideal dough.
Product Advantage
Dual motors to control spiral arm and mixing bowl respectively
Mixing bowl may be set to rotate either forward or backward
Gear driven with 2-speed mixing
Spiral arm and mixing bowl are designed with a perfect driving fit, even
a small volume of dough can be handled
Overload relay to protect motor and transmission components
Interlocked bowl guard switch for safe operation
Models available(weight of dough): 20kg / 40kg / 50kg / 80kg / 120kg / 150kg
Technical Data
Optional configuration
Optional Supplementary accessories
Product Model K32-0201AB4 K32-0401AB4 K32-0501AB4 K32-0801AB4
Flour Capacity
12kg 25kg 30kg 50kg
Dough Capacity
20kg 40kg 50kg 80kg
Voltage 380-400V, 50Hz, 3N, PE 
Power  1.375kW  2.25kW  3kW 5.25kW