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KOLB Roll-in Retarder Proofer
KOLB Retarder Proofer accurately control humidity and temperature to accelerate or delay the proofing process dough so that proofed dough can be ready at any time required. Key features of the KOLB Retarder Proofer are high energy efficiency, using only CFC refrigerants. KOLB Roll-in Retarder Proofer designed for workshops large bakeries or supermarket, it allows to pre-set programs within 24 hours to control the fermentation process of dough.
Product Advantage
Use of high quality PU for better insulation, hence energy savings
Imported fans with duel air outlets for better evenness of temperature and humidity
PCB control panel for more precise control of humidity and temperature
Cooling/ heating range:+3℃~50℃
Proofing capacity from 1 trolley to 4 trolleys
Technical Data
Optional configuration
Optional Supplementary accessories
Product Model K12-RO68D1-1 K12-RO68D2-2
Door hinger Single door(Hinge Right or Left)
915x1385x2335 915x2406x2335
when door open(mm)
D=2050 D=3065
Rack Capacity 1 trolley(600x800mm)
2 trolleys(600x800mm)
2 trolleys(600x800mm)
4 trolleys(600x400mm)
Heating power 3.3kW 4kW
Electricity Demand 220-230V, 50Hz, PE/14.6A 220-230V, 50Hz, PE/17.5A