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Roll-in Proofer
KOLB Proofer is able to accelerate the fermentation process of dough with pre-set temperature and humidity. KOLB Roll-in Proofer is suitable to handle bulk volume of dough, it is designed for large bakery, hotel and workshop.
Product Advantage
Use of high quality PU for better insulation, hence energy savings
Imported fans with duel air outlets for better evenness of temperature and humidity
PCB control panel for more precise control of humidity and temperature
Stable humidity and temperature for optimal dough quality
Proofing capacity from 1 trolley(600x800mm)to 6 trolleys
Technical Data
Optional configuration
Optional Supplementary accessories
Product Model K11-RO68D1 K11-RO68D2  K11-RO68D4 K11-RO68D6
Door hinge Single door (Hinge Right or Left) Double or Four door
1155x1135x2165 1155x1980x2165 2000x2030x2165   2570x2030x2165
when door open (mm)
D=1940 D=2787 D=3652.5 D=3650
Rack Capacity
1 trolley 2 trolleys 4 trolleys 6 trolleys
Heating power 6.2kW
Electricity Demand 380-400V, 50/60Hz, 3N, PE/13.6A 
Required accessories Climate Unit (K11-CU01D)