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‘R’ series Dough Sheeter
KOLB ‘R’ series Dough Sheeter, a joint-effort from Rondo with its 68 years’ experience and KOLB Huizhou with its strong technical team in China, is the solution for your dough lamination.
Product Advantage
The approved RONDO scraper system effectively prevent dough from sticking to the rollers, and make sheets very thin layers of dough
The RONDO roller gap reduction curve technology, the roller gap infinitely adjustable
Technical Data
Optional configuration
Optional Supplementary accessories
Product Model K82-6201AFR K82-6201ATR
Type Floor Stand Table Top
2900x1072x1330 2420x1072x535
Conveyor size
Roller Gap(mm) 0.5-30mm
Press roller size(mm) 84x633
Electricity Demand 380-400V, 50Hz, 3N, PE
Power(kW) 0.6kW