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KOLB Fryer has been jointly developed with the leading American equipment manufacturer, Giles. It features easy operation and quick temperature recovery. It is designed for utmost convenience and cost saving.
Product Advantage
Automatic oil filtration system helps to significantly extend the lifetime of the oil (Optional for Double-Basket Fryer)
Thermostat to prevent oil overheating
Electronic thermostat allows you to reach the oil temperature accurately
Constructed of stainless steel, equipped with caster for convenient mobility
Technical Data
Optional configuration
Optional Supplementary accessories
Product Model K51-6601D K51-4501DF K51-5001D
Type Deep Fryer Double-Basket Fryer Donut Fryer
660x1030x1100 450x900x1020 1270x500x1170
Electricity Demand 380-400V, 50Hz, 3N, PE/29A 380-400V, 50Hz, 3N, PE/27.6A 220-230V,50/60Hz,PE/14.3A
Power 20kW 18.2kW 3.3kW